Branding Services

Does Your Brand Fit Your Business? Is Your Corporate Identity Sending The Right Message To Your Target Audience?

Martin-John Design is a creative branding agency, providing clever and strategic design that best represents your business and targets your right audience. We work with you to find out what will differentiate you from your competitors. We research your market. We help you to come up with a suitable tagline or byline. We understand how color effects people. We know that the right typeface can compliment your branding. We will ensure that your branding is consistent and beautifully designed to support and enhance your business into the future.

Branding includes:

  • Logo Concept Design & Development
  • Brand Strategy Study
  • Brand Colors
  • Brand Platform
  • Brand Personality
  • Logo Standards
  • High Resolution Logo
  • Dimensions and Sizes
  • Typefaces
  • Pantone Colors and Offset
  • Proper Logo Usages
  • Logo Misuses
  • Brand Adaptation
  • Brand Guidelines Manual